From the press box in the Missouri House of Representatives on May 14, 2010. State congressmen threw piles of paper into the air to signify the end of the year's legislative session.

My heart lies in the space between memories and life, where images capture that fleeting moment of brilliance that remind you that this happened, we were there.

When I’m asked, “So when did you start in photography,” I have trouble answering exactly. I feel as though I’ve always been a photographer, even before I had a fancy camera in my hands and knew the difference between f/stops and stop baths. As a child, I always brought a disposable film camera with me on trips or to events I deemed important [at the time] so I would never forget what happened, who was there, and the extraneous memories attached to those moments.

Now today, I bring that same principle to my work as a photojournalist. I make photographs that remind us where we’ve been and who we were at that click of the shutter; not just for us, but to help build a collective memory that can be passed down from generation to generation. From small town life to presidential events and everything in between, I want to create work that builds our history – not just of hardships, struggles, and sorrows, but of life, happiness, and joy.

Visitors to special places leave their mark by inscribing “I was here.”

My work is my way of saying “We all were here.”


I earned a Master’s degree in photojournalism at the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism in August 2011 and recently finished a video/multimedia internship with The Seattle Times. From January through May of 2011, I was a photo and multimedia intern with National Public Radio (NPR.org).

Past clients include Americans Elect, NPR, Canwest News Service, Joplin Globe, Columbia Missourian, Community Life (New Jersey), (201) Magazine, and the World Bank.

I am currently working as a Videographer/Editor for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) in Washington, DC.
Some of my recent projects live here and here and here. Check back for more new work on our Vimeo channel often.

Please send inquiries to [ erin at erincarly dot com ] or call me at (703) 594-7654.


Confused? Looking for Erin Carly Schwartz? That’s me! I got married in September 2011 and am now sporting a spiffy new last name – Sutherland. All my contact information is the same.